STEMgineering Academy builds upon strong research and practice established by Hofstra University Center for STEM Research. Please check out for a summary of 25 years of research and $35MM in National Science Foundation funding. Based on this expertise, three pillars of informal learning best practices are successfully implemented in STEMgineering Academy:

Informed Engineering Design

Our Informed engineering design model of learning provides learners with relevant scaffolding and then engages them in intentional and guided design challenges.  Learners develop and practice engineering design thinking skills and habits of mind by following this process in each activity.

Blended Learning

We combine virtual and hands on investigation to drive participant engagement and have proven that participants can make sound academic connections, more so than in either modality by itself. In STEMgineering Academy learning content is delivered online to smart devices and informs participants as they ideate and make each challenge. Reflections are captured in open-ended responses and encourage optimization.

Interconnected STEM

We join at least two STEM disciplines which we have proven maximizes student STEM content knowledge and thinking skills. The student outcomes are significant and measurable. STEMgineering Academy combines Engineering with different areas of Science and/or Technology in each activity.  Related career videos are embedded to further learner understanding. 

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