Need Some Support?

Learn about structural design by creating a structure that will support many text books. A performance factor is presented to encourage trade-offs.

Designed For Sound

Design a simple speaker that can be used with a smart device. It is easy and it introduces the concept of induced magnetism by an electrical current

Magical Mirrors

The magic of kaleidoscopes is brought to life as participants design their own kaleidoscope which they can bring home, learning. Learning about optics along the way

Hover Above It All

Learn how hovercraft function and apply this knowledge to create a hovercraft and test them against one another

WuGGs to the Rescue!

Design a shoe (a WuGG) with limited materials and try walking in a variety of conditions – wet, uphill and downhill, fast and slow.

Dance Party!

Learn about programming in this activity that challenges participants to design in Scratch™ . The goal is to get two dancers with coordinated moves and musical accompaniment.

Note: Computers required

Design Your Path

Design a path that takes the longest for a marble to move from the top to the bottom of a board, gaining a deeper understanding of energy.

Prosthetic Challenge

Gain a much deeper understanding of prosthetic devices and empathy for users. Design, create and use a prosthetic leg with every day materials.

Zippy Chip

Chips race down a gondola to crash and break. Build a gondola and test protective packaging for cost versus breakage trade off.

Brush Rush

Create a brushbot and adjust it so that it rushes across the race track while competing with the clock and other teams.

Designing Like a Spider

Design and build a spider web which is just tight enough. Toss Velcro ping pong balls at the web to measure effectiveness.