STEMgineering Activities

Develop STEM knowledge to help design a solution

  • Real world design challenges provide context
  • “Make” something in each activity

Flexible – Each activity stands alone so do any or all activities

Collaborative – Most activities are done in teams of 2-3

Short – Activities generally take 75 minutes

Easy implementation – see Turnkey Facilitation

Engineering Design Process

Scaffolding for each activity

  • Gain familiarity with engineering process
  • Learn about related STEM careers with embedded career videos
  • Explore different types of engineering fields and concepts

Strong Engagement Ratings

Facilitators rate activities 4.4+ out of 5.0 on engagement

Engagement Ratings (5 point scale)

  • 5.0 – Is All Slime Engineered Equally?
  • 4.9 – Magical Mirrors, Kaleidoscope Design
  • 4.9 – Prosthetic Challenge
  • 4.9 – Hover Above it All
  • 4.8 – Designing Rockets
  • 4.7 – Splash Down! Water Game Design
  • 4.6 – Need Some Support

On-line Delivery

All content for learners & facilitators delivered online

  • Learn about the challenge, view multi-media links complete self quizzes
  • Record findings and interact with peers in a social media like platform
  • View all responses in real time in the facilitator portal

Activity Example

Example:Use knowledge about permanent and electro-magnets (Science) to design, build, test and refine (Engineering) a speaker

Become an Audio Engineer in "Design for Sound"

The Challenge

Build a speaker with just a few materials

Test & Evalute

Speaker Rating123
Sound QualityCannot clearly identify musical and non-musical soundsCan clearly identify musical or non-musical soundsCan clearly identify musical and non-musical sounds
Sound VolumeCan barely hear sound when placing ear next to speakerCan hear sound when placing ear next to speakerCan hear sound when placing ear next to speaker
Speaker CostCost $7.00 or moreCost $5.00-$6.99Cost less than $5.00

Example:Use knowledge about compression force (Science) to design, build, test and refine (Engineering) a strong foundation

Become a Civil Engineer in "Need Some Support"

The Challenge

Build strong, stable foundation from index cards

Test & Evalute

Foundation Rating1234
WeightSupports 0-1 bookSupports 2-4 booksSupports 5-9 booksSupports 10 books or more
TimeCollapses immediatelySupports 5 books less than 15 secondsSupports 5 books 15-59 secondsSupports 10 books for 60 seconds or more
Foundation Height0-2 inches2-4 inches5 inches or more
BonusUses all the materials providedUses half of the materialsUses less than half of the materials