Facilitator materials are optimized to insure successful implementation regardless of prior STEM experiences. Tools and resources are provided to streamline preparation and execution:
Step by step facilitator instructions provided for each activity
  • Digital access with a computer or tablet.
  • Detailed video & written guides provide facilitator tips and instructions
  • Proven to be effective with non-STEM facilitators
Evaluation metrics downloadable from facilitator portal
  • Leverage for reporting and/or grant applications
  • Includes participant name, completion of responses, closed & open-ended answers, eligibility for certificate
Easy to recruit and set up
  • Sample brochures and promotional materials
  • Logos and pictures to cut and paste
Supplies are inexpensive and simple to procure
  • Supply pricing and sourcing provided for each item along with hotlinks to view/purchase
  • Some activities require minimal supplies e.g. Need Some Support uses index cards and tape
  • Supply cost/person/activity generally less than $4.00

Virtual facilitator training is effective


Evaluation metrics in Facilitator Portal


Promotional examples provided


Turnkey facilitation with video and written guides, tips, instructions